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    • The future of automotive was on display during Jaguar Land Rover’s Inaugural Tech Fest held in London.

      Amid a wealth of speakers there was a number of exciting announcements covering a range of topics, from future vehicles to innovative technology. We’ve picked six highlights from Tech Fest 2017 to share with you.

      1. Electrification from 2020

      In an ongoing commitment to the reduction of emissions, all Jaguar Land Rover vehicles from 2020 will be electrified, giving Land Rover drivers a choice of electric cars.

      “We will introduce a portfolio of electrified products across our model range, embracing fully electric, plug-in, hybrid and mild hybrid vehicles.”

      Dr. Ralf Speth, Jaguar Land Rover’s Chief Executive Officer

      The announcement was made by Dr. Ralf Speth, Jaguar Land Rover’s Chief Executive Officer, during his opening speech at Tech Fest.

      Project Hero, a special operations vehicle

      2. Project Hero

      Making its UK debut at Tech Fest 2017 was Project Hero, a vehicle devised and built for the Red Cross by Jaguar Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations.

      This Land Rover Discovery is an advanced communications vehicle and has a number of unique features, including a roof-mounted drone. The Austrian Red Cross have been trialling the vehicle with a view to speeding up response times to disasters and ultimately, saving more lives.

      Range Rover Velar’s ‘digital butler’ the Touch Pro Duo

      3. Digital Butler

      Integrated into Range Rover Velar’s Touch Pro Duo system which uses two high- definition 10” Touchscreens. The technology behind this acts as a ‘digital butler’ as it allows you to interact with your car from anywhere in the world through your smartphone.

      Using a quad core processor, the Touch Pro Duo technology means you can start your vehicle using just your phone. You can also lock and unlock it, locate it, check fuel levels and warm the cabin up before you get in, all remotely. It also learns your daily drives and can even anticipate your needs, serving you what you want when you want it, while remaining unintrusive.

      Autonomous driving technology on display in the Range Rover Sport

      4. Autonomous Urban Drive

      Designed and developed in the UK and already being tested in the Range Rover Sport, our Autonomous Urban Drive technology is helping us continue to develop autonomous cars.

      Jaguar Land Rover is helping create surfboards made from 100% recycled material

      5. Turning Cars into Surfboards

      During the production of models of new vehicles, the Jaguar Land Rover design studio use a polyurethane plastic to create full size replicas of the forthcoming vehicle. This process would normally produce many offcuts but thanks to the Waste to Wave initiative, zero of this goes to landfill.

      This project has produced the first surfboard made from 100% material from the JLR Design Studio in conjunction with eco-friendly manufacturer Skunkworks.

      These surfboards are made from 100% recycled material and one was put to the test by Lucy Campbell, the UK’s top female surfer who said, “It’s been fascinating to learn about how Jaguar Land Rover is giving a second life to its materials in this way. Getting out into the water and trying the board out for the first time was awesome.”

      Sayer, the steering wheel of the future

      6. Sayer – The steering wheel of the future

      Sayer is an intelligent steering wheel that will revolutionise the way you live your life. Developed by Jaguar Land Rover, Sayer is a voice activated Artificial Intelligence steering wheel that will be able to carry out hundreds of tasks.

      Sayer is on display in the prototype Jaguar FUTURE-TYPE, but the technology gives a vision for the future direction of Jaguar Land Rover’s mobility.

      Sayer is a steering wheel which doesn’t just stay in your car, and instead lives in your home and can become a companion, answering your questions through advanced speech recognition and connecting you to news, organizing your travel, selecting your entertainment and even order your shopping or a pizza.

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