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At Jaguar Land Rover we have made it simple to access our websites and online services, no matter which device or technology you use.


There are a number of tools within your browser and device ‘Preferences’ and ‘Settings’ that can help you make the most of Jaguar and Land Rover online. These include text-to-speech assistance and options to increase the size of the text you see on screen. We also strongly recommend AbilityNet’s My Computer My Way advice for vision, hearing, motor and cognitive difficulties.

The following specific keyboard shortcuts can be used with the site’s vehicle navigation panel: 

↑ to Navigate up through the vehicle list. 

↓ to Navigate down through the vehicle list. 

← to Navigate left through the selected vehicle’s information. 

→ to Navigate right through the selected vehicle’s information. 

ESC to Close the whole vehicle panel. 

SPACE to Open the vehicle information panel. 

? to Open a help window.


We are committed to providing websites that comply with the WCAG 2.1 guidelines for level A as a minimum, yet we continually strive to reach level AA in all aspects of our communications. Our code, design and user experiences are regularly checked against these guidelines using both manual and automated methods and where problems are found we are committed to finding a solution.


Items identified as failing our accessibility audit are in the process of being replaced with compliant alternatives or removed from the site. At the time of writing, this amounted to five specific instances which are being addressed in 2020.

In addition, Jaguar Land Rover websites incorporate a number of services provided by Third Parties and we work with these partners to ensure their services adhere to the same standards of accessibility.

Our Jaguar design system and Land Rover design system are available to review in order to guide our partners to meet our accessibility and design commitments.


Your views on how we provide an accessible, usable website are extremely important to us and we welcome any feedback you may have.


Phone: (UK) 0370 5000 500 (International) +44 192 664 1111

This page was last updated on 27th January 2020.