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    • The introduction of the New Range Rover Velar ushers in a new visually reductive approach which brings with it elegant simplicity.

      When creating Range Rover Velar, the desire of our designers was to build a car of the highest beauty. Range Rover Velar’s unique character reflects the concept of reductionism, which has served as inspiration from the very beginning and can be seen in the car’s design.

      Sitting between the Range Rover Evoque and the Range Rover Sport as a result of the work of more than 15,000 people, Range Rover Velar is a mid-size luxury SUV that delivers new levels of refinement, elegance and technology, all of which are the hallmarks of the avant-garde Range Rover.


      The striking contemporary presence of Range Rover Velar’s exterior starts with its stunning silhouette and is enhanced by the continuous rising waistline and the tapered glasshouse which combine to provide a formal elegance, balanced with a poised, sporting attitude.

      The lineage of the vehicle isn’t forgotten, the floating roof and clamshell bonnet clearly referencing the evolution of the Range Rover family, while simultaneously visually reinforcing the capability of the vehicle.

      Land Rover designers started with a blank canvas and a ‘what if’ mind-set when creating Range Rover Velar and the result is a truly special vehicle.

      Range Rover Velar brings a new dimension of glamour, modernity and elegance to the Range Rover family.
      The cabin of the vehicle provides a calm sanctuary which captures the uncluttered aesthetic of Velar.

      The Role of Clay

      Massimo Frascella, Land Rover’s Creative Director of Exteriors, was looking for simplicity which also provides a timeless quality. To achieve this, the sketches of Velar were modelled into a full-size clay model, a material chosen for its flexible nature.

      Skilled specialists use the latest technology, a 5-axis milling machine, which follows a pre-programmed route to carve out the first model of the vehicle in the clay. Despite the accuracy of the milling machine – to within 0.01 of a millimetre - the final sculpting of the vehicle is done by hand.

      The next stage is reliant on the design vision of Massimo Frascella and the artistry of the modellers. Here, they work together to refine and sculpt the clay model, ensuring each precise detail is reflected in the final design.

      “Clay modellers are the hands of the designer… they are so critical.”

      Massimo Frascella, Creative Director of Exteriors

      Once the model is complete, it is then given a full paint job, producing a full size model which, to the untrained eye, could easily be mistaken for a finished vehicle. The model is then taken outside into natural light, giving designers the opportunity to review how the vehicle, with its precision detailing, will look in the real world.

      The flush door handles are a first for Range Rover and went through vigorous testing.

      Flush Door Handles

      A Range Rover first, the Velar has flush door handles; a vision of Range Rover designers brought to life by Land Rover engineers.

      However, these produced a fresh challenge for the engineering team who must ensure the flush door handles deploy at all times, even in extreme conditions.

      To ensure this, Range Rover Velar was ice tested in Land Rover’s climatic chamber, which re-creates challenging conditions, such as the Russian night-time temperatures of -20 degrees. In these tests, the entire car is sprayed to create a build-up of ice, including a 4mm layer over the door handles, freezing them shut. Upon testing, the handle powered through the layers of ice with ease, demonstrating Land Rover’s commitment to capability through its extreme testing.

      “We call the Velar the avant-garde Range Rover. It brings a new dimension of glamour, modernity and elegance to the brand.”

      Gerry McGovern, Chief Design Officer- Land Rover

      Acoustic Engineering

      Acoustic Engineers are some of the newest engineers working at Land Rover. The team here work to ensure that listening to music in Range Rover Velar is an enjoyable experience.

      The premium sound within Range Rover Velar is a result of work to ensure that the mix of sound absorbent materials, such as leather seats, and the reflective materials, such as the glass, do not impact the listening experience provided by the Meridian Audio system.

      Rigorous testing by this new generation of engineers tests the sound in the vehicle and identifies areas inside the cabin where there may be too much reflection, allowing them to apply filters that ensure the sound is equal in all positions.

      Velar is the first Range Rover to feature the Touch Pro Duo infotainment system.
      The Meridian speakers provide a superior listening experience.

      State of the Art Touchscreen

      Making its debut in Range Rover Velar is the Touch Pro Duo car infotainment system. The state-of-the-art system features two high-definition 10-inch Touchscreens, which reflect the reductionist principles central to the vehicle, and forms the centrepiece of the minimalist cabin.

      All of the regular buttons have been replaced with the intuitive Touchscreen, which works as a tablet or smartphone, and allows the driver to flick through menus, pinching to zoom in or out.

      Nearly 10km of electrical cabling has been used in Range Rover Velar, this intricate network seamlessly connects every element of the vehicle, from the interior climate control through to the deployable door handles.

      Revolutionary materials were used in place of traditional choices, in keeping with the vehicle’s overall design.
      Attention to detail and craftsmanship is visible throughout the vehicle.

      Interior Design

      Attention to detail in the creation of Range Rover Velar extends to every part, including the calm cabin space.

      The interior cockpit features distinctive horizontal design architecture, which is enhanced by a new embossed Cut Diamond signature design. This Cut Diamond motif extends from the instrument panel through to the door casings to accentuate the cabin space.

      The design of Range Rover Velar is compelling while staying true to the Range Rover.

      This design is also echoed throughout the interior, with even the textiles used for the seat material featuring a perforated interpretation of the design. The luxurious interior of Velar is further reflected in the options available for the upholstery. Alongside leather options, traditionally selected for Range Rover upholstery, is a new suedecloth fabric, made of recycled plastic bottles which is soft to the touch.

      The option of this revolutionary fabric, a first for the Luxury SUV segment, serves the designer’s idea that they can take well-loved traditional materials and make them modern and relevant to Range Rover Velar.

      Range Rover Velar retains all of the legendary capability Range Rovers are known for.


      While the design of Range Rover Velar was at the heart of the vehicle’s creation, the legendary capability Range Rover is known for, remains at the core of the vehicle.

      Ensuring a great driving experience whatever the terrain, Range Rover Velar was designed and tested to provide a capable and comfortable driving experience.

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