About My Land Rover


About My Land Rover

Welcome to you, a Land Rover owner. You haven't just bought a vehicle of comfort and capability, you've joined a select group of drivers with a spirit of adventure. Here in the Owners Section, you'll find whatever Go Beyond means to you – from keeping your car in adventure-ready condition to environmentally-aware driving courses.

Across Border Travel

There are a number of companies that can provide cover on the following:

 - Emergency Medical and Related Expenses
 - Personal Liability Insurance 
 - Cancellation and curtailment 
 - Default Insurance Cash Benefit (International journeys only) 
 - Hijack & Ransom 
 - Personal Accident
 - Personal Baggage and Documents 

From a Land Rover support perspective it is important that customers plan their journey in great detail, keeping in mind environmental conditions, fuel requirements as well as vehicle service and support. Although Land Rover has dealers in most neighbouring areas, these dealers have limited ability to support the latest vehicles. In the unfortunate event of a breakdown or damage to the vehicle the customer must contact these dealers. It is advisable for the customer to keep the contact details of his servicing dealer / service advisor, should he experience difficulties with the repair or support provided. The warranty is an international warranty and therefore the dealers in these areas are obliged to support customers travelling abroad.

Important to note that should a customer wish to repatriate his vehicle to South Africa, he should ensure that he has the cover provided by these companies. Land Rover would not be responsible for costs incurred or for the arrangements required to get the vehicle back to South Africa.


What are the service intervals on my vehicle?

If you own a Defender  you should get your vehicle serviced every 20,000 kilometers or every 12 months depending on which comes first. If you own the latest model Freelander 2, Discovery 4, Range Rover Sport and Range Rover owners should refer to the Service Interval Indicator in your vehicle.

For earlier  models, refer to the tables in the Service & Maintenance section.

What breakdown cover does my vehicle have?

New vehicles purchased from 2010 from an approved Land Rover dealer within South Africa will come with a 3-year breakdown cover for Defender and 5 year breakdown cover for Freelander 2, Discovery 4, Range Rover Sport and Range Rover from Land Rover Assistance.

The number to call in the event of a breakdown is 0800 038 188 and the service operates 24 hours a day.

Land Rover Assistance technicians will get your vehicle back on the road in the shortest possible time. If this is not possible, Land Rover assistance will find you and your passenger(s) alternative means of reaching your destination.

How do I obtain key codes or radio codes?

Any authorised Land Rover dealership will be able to provide this information. However they will require proof of ownership of the vehicle as well as a further piece of personal identification.

How do I let Land Rover know about a change in my personal details?

If your personal details change, please contact the Customer Relationship Centre team on 0860 110 090.

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