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Wild Dog Project

Land Rovers give drivers the freedom to explore some of the wildest and most beautiful areas of our planet, and therefore we feel obliged to do what we can to protect and preserve our environment – such as our support of Wild Dogs.

Land Rover’s commitment to environmental conservation is encapsulated in our Fragile Earth programme, which seeks to encourage care for and preservation of the environment as well as environmentally responsible off-road driving. By adopting Wild Dogs – fragile because of their endangered status – Land Rover contributes towards the preservation of an ecologically important species and one of Africa’s most threatened carnivores.

Land Rover support also allows for ongoing scientific research in the generic mapping and population management of various Wild Dog populations, and the movement of animals to suitable areas where prey is freely available and there is less of a need to prey on farm animals.

In addition, Land Rover supports the survival of an animal that shares many of Land Rover’s characteristics: it travels long distances over all sorts of terrain; it has a gutsy adventurous spirit and a love of freedom and the great outdoors.

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