Land Rover Service and Maintenance


Approved Service Centres: Your Best Choice for Superior Vehicle Maintenance

Land Rover Approved Service Centres: Your Best Choice for Superior Vehicle Maintenance

Your Land Rover has been with you through the ups and downs of life and travel – over tar and through mountains – and always gets you to where you want to be. Regular vehicle maintenance is important to keep your Land Rover in tip-top condition, so that you can continue your journey and adventure together.

Make sure that your vehicle maintenance is only done at a Land Rover Approved Service Centre. This will guarantee that you receive the high quality service and products that you have become accustomed to when dealing with Land Rover.

Vehicle Maintenance and Land Rover Servicing at Land Rover Approved Service Centres

Your Land Rover is as important to us as it is to you. We take the greatest care when servicing your vehicle – ensuring that we use only the latest diagnostic equipment and tools; utilised by technicians who receive regular and rigorous training. When you entrust your Land Rover to us for vehicle maintenance, you can be assured that it is in safe and capable hands.

See below for Service Interval Tables

Vehicle Maintenance: Accident Damage

In the unfortunate event that your Land Rover sustains damage during an accident, it is important that the damage is repaired correctly by an approved Land Rover Service Centre. 

Land Rover Assistance and Emergencies Contact Information

Call Land Rover Assistance free on 0861 LR Assist (0861 572 774 78), and your vehicle will be recovered and delivered to your chosen Land Rover service centre where expert help and advice will be on hand.

For any Roadside emergencies for Botswana and Namibia customers can contact: +27 11 9918765 or +27 11 9918765. 

2011 Model year Onwards

2011 Model Year onwards


Important to note - if the vehicle is equipped with DPF, only low sulphur premium diesel may be used!!

2010 Model year Onwards

Model 2010 MY onwards

All services should be carried out at the distance or time based intervals shown below (whichever occurs first)or as shown on the service interval indicator in your Vehicle.

Model 2010 MY onwards

2009 Model Years

2009 Model Years

Your vehicle is fitted with an electronic service indicator. This indicator will appear for only a few seconds on your odometer, before your kilometre reading or other information is displayed. The following intervals apply to all 2009 model year vehicles:


Model Years Before 2009

Model Years Before 2009

All services should be carried out according to the distance or time based intervals shown below (whichever occurs first).

* Recommendations

Td5 used either predominantly off-road or with high sulphur content fuel, consult your Dealer for further information.

Range Rover drivers:
Refer to the Service Interval Indicator in your vehicle.

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