Town or country, Discovery 4 S is the smart, practical complement to the modern lifestyle. Superb drivability plus true Land Rover capability and versatility with electronic air suspension for a constant, level ride height. Sophisticated 19 inch seven-split spoke alloy wheels combine with Terrain Response® allowing smooth handling in tough conditions while the leather interior is available in Almond or ebony.



The 183kW LR-SDV6 3.0 diesel engine with eight-speed Drive Select transmission and steering wheel mounted Paddle Shift uses a sequential mode boosting system to increase the air density entering the engine’s cylinders. This enables a correspondingly greater amount of fuel to be injected for increased power output. It also uses the latest materials and sequential turbochargers to optimise responsiveness by delivering increased torque at very low engine revolutions.

<strong>3.0 SDV6 Diesel Automatic 183kW</strong>
3.0 litre V6 Turbocharged and Intercooled Diesel engine with eight-speed automatic gearbox
Performance (Manufacturer's Estimates) 3.0 litre SDV6 Automatic 183kW
Maximum speed kph 180
Acceleration 0-100kph seconds 9.3
Fuel Economy 3.0 litre SDV6 Automatic 183kW
Urban L/100km 9.8
Extra urban L/100km 8.1
Combined L/100km 8.8
Combined CO emissions 230
Drive by noise/dB 73.0


Whatever the surface, Discovery 4 helps take it on with confidence. The Terrain Response® system, standard on Discovery 4s that have air suspension, gives access to over 60 years of Land Rover 4x4 expertise and state-of-the-art dynamic technology.

Dynamic performance on-road. Discovery 4 features advanced technology that helps keep the driver connected with the road and provides an enhanced, more engaged and entertaining drive. It makes getting behind the wheel and heading for the open road pure pleasure.

As Standard with this model of Discovery S
8-speed Automatic Transmission (includes Drive Select with Paddle Shift) 8-speed Automatic Transmission (includes Drive Select with Paddle Shift)

The Eight Speed Automatic Gearbox provides smooth transmissions and fast responses combined with improved fuel efficiency. Press the start button and the Drive Select Rotary Shifter rises from the centre console. The driver can also manually select gears via the Paddle Shift controls on the steering wheel.

Hill Descent Control (HDC) with Gradient Release Control (GRC) Hill Descent Control (HDC) with Gradient Release Control (GRC)

Hill Descent Control allows a smooth, controlled descent down difficult terrain without the need to use the brake or accelerator. Gradient Release Control enhances this by providing smoother, more gradual acceleration when confronted by a steep incline. It operates automatically whenever Hill Descent Control is engaged, temporarily maintaining brake pressure after you've released the brake pedal, then gradually increasing speed until your optimum off-road pace is attained.

Electronic air suspension and Terrain Response® Electronic air suspension and Terrain Response®

The air suspension can raise the ride height up to 125mm for extreme off-road use and also has an access mode that lowers the vehicle by 50mm for easier entry, exit and loading. The suspension delivers the most comfortable of rides. Its self-levelling feature yields outstanding handling and composure, working effortlessly with a wide range of vehicle loads. It also allows the vehicle height to be adjusted from outside the vehicle for trailer hitching, using the smart key buttons.
Land Rover’s patented Terrain Response® technology incorporates 60 years of our off-road expertise. The system optimises vehicle set-up for different terrain conditions and inspires supreme confidence over mud, gravel, grass, snow, and rocks, while delivering uncompromising performance on tarmac.
Terrain Response® also incorporates Sand Launch Control (SLC) and Rock Crawl (RC). Sand Launch Control helps prevent wheel spin and the vehicle ‘digging in’ when moving off from a standstill, while Rock Crawl delivers more vehicle composure by applying light brake forces.

Gradient Acceleration Control Gradient Acceleration Control

Gradient Acceleration Control (GAC) prevents situations where the vehicle might accelerate too quickly on a steep gradient (and Hill Descent Control (HDC) has not been selected). It allows the driver the time and opportunity to regain control and the system is always available (except when HDC is selected). GAC works without active intervention to limit the speed of the vehicle to 5kph in the driver’s intended direction of travel (i.e. descending forwards in drive or backwards in reverse) for between 20 and 30 seconds.

  • Centre Electronic Locking Differential
  • Permanent four-wheel-drive
  • Front/rear split and lockable central differentials
  • Diesel misfuelling device
  • Active rear locking differential
  • Hill Start Assist (HSA)

    On steep slopes Hill Start Assist (HSA) works automatically to allow the driver the time to move their foot from the brake to the throttle pedal without vehicle roll back. The system releases brake pressure in a controlled manner, to move the vehicle up the hill. HSA is always available and does not require active intervention to operate.

  • Active Roll Mitigation (ARM)


Discovery 4. Bold, flexible and luxurious. Instantly recognisable as a Land Rover, it features a progressive, contemporary exterior and an attitude that gives it a modern presence off-road and on-road.

As Standard with this model of Discovery S
Upper/lower split rear tailgate Upper/lower split rear tailgate

Make light work of difficult loads with Discovery 4’s two-piece, asymmetric tailgate design. Both upper and lower tailgates are made from resilient lightweight aluminium. The tailgate gives impressive access to the rear of the vehicle and comes into its own when loading large, bulky or heavy objects. The asymmetric portion of the lower tailgate provides a reduced reach-in distance when open and a lower load height when closed.

Electric heated and adjustable mirrors Electric heated and adjustable mirrors
Colour coded front bumper Colour coded front bumper
Colour coded tailgate lift handle Colour coded tailgate lift handle
Roof Rails - Short length in black finish Roof Rails - Short length in black finish
Colour coded mirror caps Colour coded mirror caps
Halogen front lighting with LED Signature Lamps Halogen front lighting with LED Signature Lamps
Electric sunroof Electric sunroof

Everyone can enjoy the view. As well as an electric sunroof providing extra light and airiness to the front seats, the Alpine Roof extends the glass area to passengers in the second and third rows, while its combined reflective properties and interior sunblinds keep the cabin cool.


Make Discovery 4 your own with a wide spectrum of exterior colour options, in solid or Metallic finishes, as well as five distinctive Premium Metallic colours.

Land Rover helps to ensure paint durability and resilient colour richness with a five stage paint process that includes a three-coat electrostatic paint application and rigorous anti-corrosion wax protection.

Solid Colours:
Fuji White - Solid Fuji White - Solid
Metallic Colours:
Aintree Green – Metallic Aintree Green – Metallic
Baltic Blue - Metallic Baltic Blue - Metallic
Firenze Red - Metallic Firenze Red - Metallic
Indus Silver – Metallic Indus Silver – Metallic
Ipanema Sand – Metallic Ipanema Sand – Metallic
Marmaris Teal – Metallic Marmaris Teal – Metallic
Nara Bronze – Metallic Nara Bronze – Metallic
Orkney Grey – Metallic Orkney Grey – Metallic
Santorini Black – Metallic Santorini Black – Metallic
Siberian Silver - Metallic Siberian Silver - Metallic
Mariana Black - Premium Metallic Mariana Black - Premium Metallic
Havana - Premium Metallic Havana - Premium Metallic
Causeway Grey - Premium Metallic Causeway Grey - Premium Metallic
Barossa - Premium Metallic Barossa - Premium Metallic
Barolo Black - Premium Metallic Barolo Black - Premium Metallic


Tow Assist, as part of the surround Camera system*, is a next-generation reversing aid that predicts the rearward trajectory of both vehicle and trailer. This helps the driver perform more accurate manoeuvres and is selected from the Touch-screen menu. Wide-view cameras on the vehicle give a clear field of vision; guidelines are superimposed over the resulting image to highlight the predicted reversing path for vehicle and trailer.
*Available on HSE derivative only.

As Standard with this model of Discovery S
  • Tow Equipment (Plug in Tow Ball 12N 7 Pin, UK)


All terrain capability is at the heart of all Land Rover products. The tyres have been specifically engineered to provide outstanding performance at all times, in almost all conditions.
As the all-terrain experts, Land Rover have gone ‘above and beyond’ in testing and development to ensure that the right tyre is provided for maximum traction.
Tyres have an ‘all season capability’, whilst specific tyres have a balance of attributes that may affect their performance in certain circumstances. The size of the wheel and tyre chosen also has a bearing on the vehicle’s performance. Please bear in mind the intended usage of the vehicle when choosing wheel and tyre combinations.

As Standard with this model of Discovery S
  • Full size spare wheel
  • Tyres – Goodyear Wrangler


Discovery 4’s sumptuous, tactile interior provides superb levels of craftsmanship and comfort. Meticulous attention to detail is without compromise.

Not available in all markets, please check with your local dealer. Images are representative of interior trim colours and not vehicle specification.

Options & Upgrades for this model of Discovery S
Ebony Leather seats with Ebony interior Ebony Leather seats with Ebony interior

Ebony Leather seats with Ebony carpet, Ebony facia top, Ebony door upper trim and Ebony door inserts.

Almond Leather seats with Almond/Arabica interior Almond Leather seats with Almond/Arabica interior

Almond Leather seats with Nutmeg carpet, Arabica facia top, Arabica door upper trim and Almond door inserts.


To further enhance the style of the all-new interior, most trims have a choice of veneers available for the centre console and the door panels.

Options & Upgrades for this model of Discovery S
Cosmic Grey Painted Trim Finisher Cosmic Grey Painted Trim Finisher
Grand Ivory Lacquer Grand Ivory Lacquer


The sumptuous, more tactile interior of Discovery 4 has added style making it the epitome of luxury. It offers enhanced levels of craftsmanship and includes a centre console with an integrated flowing design.

As Standard with this model of Discovery S
Electric windows with one touch driver’s opening Electric windows with one touch driver’s opening
Cup holders on all rows Cup holders on all rows
Steering Wheel – leather Steering Wheel – leather

The steering wheel incorporates a revised switch layout that places key data and remote audio controls right at the driver's fingertips through two five-way switches. Leather-covered, as standard, the wheel features cruise control, telephone and voice control - where included within the specification.

Automatic climate control Automatic climate control

Front automatic climate control, featuring new heater and air conditioning designed to meeting global temperature extremes with side to side temperature control, is standard on all Discovery 4 models. The system incorporates a clutchless compressor, which enables a more controlled output of cold or blended air to the passengers.

Lower centre console cooler box Lower centre console cooler box

Conveniently located in the centre console between the front seats, the cooler box is a great place to keep items such as drinks and light snacks chilled and fresh on a warm day.

  • Rear Folding Seats (65/35 split)
  • Driver and Front Passenger Sun Visors with Vanity Mirrors
  • Smokers Pack
  • Non Heated Steering Wheel
  • Steering column – manual adjustment for height and reach
  • Interior rear view mirror – manual dipping


Safety features include Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Emergency Brake Assist (EBA), which is designed to supply extra brake pressure in an emergency, and Electronic Traction Control (ETC) which helps maintain optimum grip. There is also the option of Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), designed to warn you of low tyre pressure. Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) and Roll Stability Control (RSC) work with the braking system and are designed to correct cornering, over or understeer and to help maintain stability at all times. Up to eight airbags are fitted: the front seats have both front and side airbags with each seat row having its own curtain airbags.

As Standard with this model of Discovery S
Electric Park Brake (EPB) Electric Park Brake (EPB)

Land Rover goes beyond the conventional handbrake lever with the easy-to-use Electric Parking Brake technology. EPB provides thoughtful assistance for those tricky hill starts, and can be released either with a switch or simply by driving away. It also helps ensure a more relaxed driving experience in stop/start city traffic.

Up to eight airbags Up to eight airbags

Discovery 4 has up to eight airbags strategically positioned around the vehicle to help protect all occupants during an accident. The front seats have both front and side airbags, with each row having its own curtain airbags.

Push Button Start Push Button Start

Standard on all vehicles, Push Button Start works without the key being docked in the vehicle. The optional Keyless Entry system, when used with the remote Smart Key, provides even greater convenience. When close to the vehicle, simply open the door, enter, and push the Start button.

One shot global close window One shot global close window
Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) and Roll Stability Control (RSC) Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) and Roll Stability Control (RSC)

Dynamic Stability Control improves the vehicle’s handling during acceleration or cornering. It also helps compensate for vehicle handling when towing a trailer. By constantly monitoring the wheels, it detects any deviation from the chosen line and immediately corrects it by applying braking to appropriate wheels.

Roll Stability Control (RSC) works in conjunction with Dynamic Stability Control to help prevent vehicle roll-over. If the system senses that the vehicle is in danger of tipping, it will reduce engine power and use the ABS system to reduce the chance of roll-over.

Power assisted steering Power assisted steering
Trailer Stability Assist (TSA) Trailer Stability Assist (TSA)

Trailer Stability Assist automatically detects the presence of a trailer. Once 60km/h is reached, the sensors monitor the behaviour of the trailer. Should any swaying or oscillation occur, the system uses selective braking of the appropriate wheels to help correct any potential problem.

  • Emergency Brake Assist (EBA)

    Emergency Brake Assist is designed to supply extra brake pressure in an emergency.

  • Perimetric alarm system
  • Four-channel all terrain Anti-lock Braking System with all round ventilated disc brakes
  • Audible seat belt warning
  • Integrated Vehicle Dynamics
Options & Upgrades for this model of Discovery S


Discovery 4 is every vehicle you’ll ever need, providing the ultimate in versatility and capability. It can transport driver, six passengers, their luggage and a loaded trailer with total ease along highway and country road.

As Standard with this model of Discovery S
Rear Park Distance Control Rear Park Distance Control
Command driving position Command driving position

The renowned command driving position, first established by Defender, is now a central feature of every Land Rover vehicle. It gives greater visibility ahead and of the surrounding environment as well as adding to the driver’s control and feeling of security.

Cruise control Cruise control

Cruise control helps reduce driver fatigue by maintaining a constant vehicle speed in the appropriate conditions. It is activated by controls conveniently located on the steering wheel.

Loadspace cover – parcel shelf Loadspace cover – parcel shelf

The removable loadspace cover keeps cargo more secure, away from prying eyes and out of the glare of direct sunlight.


Designed to make the driving experience effortless. The full colour Touch-screen, standard on many of the high-line derivatives, provides all audio and navigation controls and is easy to use. It reduces the number of conventional controls required which adds to the premium ambience of the interior.

As Standard with this model of Discovery S
Steering Wheel-mounted audio controls Steering Wheel-mounted audio controls

Steering wheel with ergonomically designed switch layout for driver information and remote audio controls.

Personal Telephone Integration System (Bluetooth® capability) Personal Telephone Integration System (Bluetooth® capability)

The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Land Rover is under licence.

  • Trip computer with message centre

    The instrument panel, with its 5 inch TFT display, presents the driver with clear and concise trip information, primary vehicle information and warnings.

  • USB Single & Scroll Control IPOD connectivity

    iPod is a registered trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the US and other countries.

  • Land Rover Audio System: 8 speakers, Radio, Single slot CD player, Auxiliary input, 4.2" TFT colour display (80 Watts).


These optional packages for Discovery 4 are compelling additions to the vehicle's already remarkable performance, design, and finish.

As Standard with this model of Discovery S
Bright Pack Bright Pack

Bright Pack includes: Door puddle and footwell lamps, front fog lamps, automatic headlamps, headlamp powerwash and rain sensing windscreen wipers.

Electric Seat & Armrest Pack Electric Seat & Armrest Pack

Includes Driver and Passenger Armrest, Power Lumbar Driver Seat and Manual Lumbar Passenger Seat, Electric Driver's and Passenger's Seats Adjustment including Squab Recline, Cushion, Cushion Height and Cushion Tilt (8/8 way).

  • Seven Seat Pack

    The 7 Seat Pack means that seven adults can travel in complete comfort, all in their own full-sized, forward-facing seat. This useful feature also provides a head airbag for the third row of seats, as well as an accessory socket and map lamps. For added versatility the second row of seats splits 35:30:35.

Environmental Responsibility

We take our responsibility to the environment very seriously with an integrated and innovative strategy we call Our Planet. Our plan is simple; to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels and the production of man-made CO2 emissions, to use fewer resources and create less waste.

We do this by investing in four key areas areas designed to reduce our carbon footprint, support conservation and humanitarian collaborations and includes one of the world’s most comprehensive CO2 offset programmes.

  • CO2-offsetting-194x97


    CO2 Offsetting


    Investing in renewable energy, technology change and energy efficiency projects. As well as offsetting CO2 emissions from the manufacturing assembly of Range Rover and Land Rover vehicles, our programme means customers can also offset the first 45,000 miles of driving their new Land Rover and Range Rover vehicles. 

    Find out more

  • e_terrain-194x97 



    A joint £800m investment into new technologies designed to reduce CO2 emissions and improve fuel consumption. We are targeting a 25 percent reduction in joint fleet average tailpipe CO2 emissions by 2015, as part of our carbon management plan. Range Rover Evoque has been accredited to ISO14040, a whole life assessment that measures the vehicles environmental impact from manufacturing to use.

    Find out more

  • sustainable-manufacturing-194x97 

    Sustainable Manufacturing


    World class manufacturing facilities, certified to ISO14001 since 1998. As a company we are targeting a 25 percent reduction in operating CO2 emissions by 2012, 25 percent in waste to landfill and 10 percent in water consumption, based off 2007 levels. Our initiatives include factory energy efficiencies, cutting transport miles and offsetting all CO2 emissions from manufacturing assembly process.

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  • conservation-humanitarian-194x97 

    Conservation and Humanitarian Projects


    Land Rover is proud to work in close co-operation with five leading conservation partners and actively supports numerous projects around the world.

    Find out more

Performance and Weights

Fuel consumption figures: The results given here do not express or imply any guarantee of the fuel consumption of any particular vehicle with which this information may be supplied. Vehicles are not individually tested and there are inevitable differences between individual vehicles of the same model. The vehicle may also incorporate particular modifications. Furthermore, the driver’s style and road traffic conditions, as well as the extent to which the vehicle has been driven and the standard of maintenance, will affect its fuel consumption.

Meticulously assembled, Discovery 4 possesses first-class specifications throughout. Here are the facts and figures about this refined, modern and eminently capable vehicle.

3.0 SDV6 Auto
Weights kg  
Weight from* 2,570
Gross vehicle weight* 3,240
Maximum towing** 3,500
Unbraked trailer 750
Maximum trailer nose weight 150
Maximum mass of vehicle and trailer combination (GTW) 6,740
Carrying kg
Maximum roof load (including roof rails/bars) 75
Maximum payload (including driver 75kg) 670
Maximum speed km/h (mph) 180 (112)
Acceleration (secs)
0-60mph 8.8
0-100km/h 9.3
Fuel economy  
Urban L/100km 9.8
Extra urban L/100km 8.1
Combined L/100km 8.8
Combined C02 emissions (g/km) 230
Useable fuel tank capacity (litres) 82.3
*Including fluids, 90% fuel and 75kg driver
**If towing for commercial gain, please refer to your Land Rover Dealer for information relating to digital tachograph installation  

Dimensions and Capability

No matter what the task, Discovery 4 always measures up. Here are the facts and figures about this confident performer that’s equally at home on and off road.

Turning Circle
Kerb to kerb 11.45m
Wall to wall 11.8m
Obstacle Clearance
Ground clearance up to 310mm (air suspension)
Standard ride height 185mm
Wading Depth
Wading Depth
Maximum wading depth 700mm (air suspension only)
Normal wading depth 600mm
Off-road Geometry
Off road geometry
A Approach Angle 36.2º
B Ramp Break Over Angle 27.3º
C Departure AngleOff-road ride height (air suspension) 29.6º
Maximum load space - seats folded
Load space seats folded
Head room mm
1st row (1,027 with Alpine roof)
2nd row (1,076 with Alpine roof)
3rd row (1,018 with Alpine roof)
Leg room mm
1st row 1,078
2nd row 955
3rd row 923
Shoulder room mm
1st row 1,503
2nd row 1,499
3rd row 1,087
Maximum load space behind row 2 - seats up
Load space seats upright
Luggage Capacity
Load space length behind mm
1st row 1,950 7 seat
2nd row 1,124 7 seat
3rd row 338 7 seat
Width 1,235mm (1,146mm between wheel arches)
Height (1,058mm with Alpine roof)
Load space volume behind litres
1st row 2,558 7 seat
2nd row 1,192 7 seat
3rd row 280 7 seat
Vehicle Lengths
Wheelbase 2,885mm
Length 4,829mm
Vehicle Height and Width
2,022mm mirrors folded
2,176mm mirrors out
Rear wheel track 1,612.5mm
Front wheel track 1,605mm
Minimum height mm
Roof options with Air suspension (in access lower mode)
Alpine roof 1,832
With sunroof tilted open 1,870
Roof rails 1,841
Integrated phone antenna (Alpine roof) 1,888

Jaguar Land Rover Limited: Registered Office: Abbey Road, Whitley, Coventry CV3 4LF Registered in England No: 1672070