2007, DEFENDER 2007

Andrew Kearns

BY Andrew Kearns 2016

Reykjavík, Iceland TO Reykjavík, Iceland 2960 km

My travel partner Sonora was planning on being in Iceland in June. 3-weeks prior to the trip, I asked if I could come and she said yes. I bought my ticket and secured the Defender to travel around Iceland together.

The first day we got supplies in Reykjavik. Shortly after leaving the city we were seeing some of the most amazing landscapes we'd ever seen. We quickly realized this was going to be the best trip of our lives. It was incredible, there are a few moments in particular that stand out though.

Near the end of Day 2 we were at Seljalandsfoss, a famous Iceland waterfall. We drove 3 minutes past Seljalandsfoss and took this steep, rutted road to the right. We kept track on the map and ended up above the famous waterfalls we were just below. As we kept going we ended up in this shallow, lush, greenish-orange valley. We had never experienced a vehicle taking us to places like this as we were driving up a small creek with no troubles, later ending the night high up another F-road with an incredible view over South Iceland.

Our favorite place was Southeast Iceland which we were at the next day. It was flat and baron, with random stark mountains stretching to the sky. Lupine flowers were plentiful stretching to the black sand beaches, we even drove up to the foot of a glacier. This landscape was unreal and so accessible with the Defender. Our trip became based around anywhere and everywhere we could drive the Defender.

Both of us became pretty attached to the truck, naming it Gary. We slept out the back and experienced views better than any place we'd ever stayed before. We both reminisce and agree it was the Defender that really made this trip unique and memorable.

Going into this trip with no off-road experience we didn't push the Defender to its full potential. We experienced places normal cars couldn't go, some of the most amazing places we've ever seen. But there's so much more out there; we both long to go back and see where Gary can really take us.


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