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The Trail Less Traveled

Explore the Next Generation Range Rover inside and out through an eight-stage interactive journey from any of four camera angles — simultaneously. Direct every moment of your exploration in the Land Rover driving app, The Trail Less Traveled.

Robust on-road and off-road capabilities combined with a collection of interior and exterior refinements help differentiate The Range Rover from all other off-road vehicles. The latest incarnation of this iconic model sets a new standard for excellence. Whether climbing through inhospitable terrain or pulling into polished settings, The Next Generation Range Rover reinforces its reputation in this exquisite automotive app as of one of the most recognizable vehicles around.

Designed with such care and attention to detail, The Range Rover is best appreciated from a variety of different vantage points. Up steep rock faces, through deep-water crossings and overlooking dramatic vistas, switch instantly from wide angles to tight close ups or even the driver’s point of view to feel the composure that this Range Rover driving app affords.

- Choose your perspective, your soundtrack, and even your own ending
- Replay stages and see the action in this driving app from different angles
- Advance to any stage of the journey whenever you wish with the interactive map
- Pause the experience to explore pictures and videos on the latest engineering advancements
- Explore interactive imagery detailing the iconic design cues that have evolved over all four generations of The Range Rover

For over 65 years, Land Rover has been a pioneer in the automotive industry by exploring new ways to help take people to places in a way that other vehicles simply cannot. Now, with this new Land Rover app, the pioneering spirit that enthusiasts and novices have come to expect from Land Rover continues. Take control of the action on your adventure through stunning scenery with the peerless Next Generation Range Rover — the pinnacle of refinement and capability.

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