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2013 Land Rover LR2

AUGUST 24, 2012

Completely updated with a new engine, redesigned interior, and revised bodywork

MSRP  (Includes destination and delivery charges):

LR2:   $37,250
LR2 HSE:  $39,750
LR2 HSE LUX:  $42,350
At A Glance

- Completely updated for the 2013 model year, the Land Rover LR2 joins the Range Rover Evoque to provide compelling entries in the premium compact SUV market
- New 240 hp 2-liter turbocharged engine replaces the 3.2 liter inline six, offering increased horsepower, torque, and efficiency
- New exterior design elements give a sportier and more purposeful look
- Interior technologies from the Range Rover Evoque are now available in the Land Rover LR2
- New dashboard layout including a new center console
- New colors for exterior paint and interior trim
- New standard 7-inch color touch-screen
- Available 825W Meridian surround sound system with 17-speakers for a concert-like experience
- New ‘Say What You See‘ (optional) prompted voice command system offers a screen guided and voice prompted voice interface
- Available Rear View Camera with ‘Hitch Assist’

Land Rover has given the 2013 Land Rover LR2 a complete revision, to deliver even higher levels of comfort, convenience and driving enjoyment. New colors, new exterior design features, upgraded interior equipment levels, and a new more powerful and more efficient engine.

A new lightweight turbocharged, direct injected 2-liter four-cylinder engine now powers the 2013 Land Rover LR2. This engine delivers 240 hp at 5500 rpm and 250 ft-lbs of torque at 3200 rpm, providing a broader power band strong low-speed response. This represents an increase of 10 hp and 16 lb-ft respectively over the outgoing 3.2- liter naturally aspirated inline six.

Not only does this lightweight engine produce more horsepower and torque than the outgoing six cylinder,  it is also more economical. The all-aluminum 2.0-liter turbocharged engine is also 88 lbs lighter than the 3.2-liter naturally aspirated inline six-cylinder engine it replaces.

This new engine first appeared in the 2012 Range Rover Evoque and features advanced technologies such as high pressure direct fuel injection and variable valve timing.  A high efficiency turbocharger delivers rapid response, and a fabricated steel exhaust manifold promotes quicker catalytic converter light-off. Piston rings and tappets have been coated to reduce friction and twin balance shafts ensure smooth operation.

All LR2’s are equipped with Land Rover’s Intelligent Power System Management (IPSM) which features Smart Regenerative Charging. This feature ensures that where possible, the alternator only charges the battery when the vehicle is decelerating, recovering kinetic energy from deceleration, rather than consuming energy during engine operation. IPSM is part of Land Rover’s e_TERRAIN TECHNOLOGIES program which aims to continually improve efficiency in every Land Rover.

The engine is paired with an Aisin AWF21 six-speed automatic transmission engineered with advanced neutral logic control to reduce internal drag when the vehicle is stationary. The transmission also features a remote breather, routed above LR2's water wading depth (19.7 inch / 500 mm of water). Revised clutches and low viscosity oil also improve efficiency while adaptive shifting is available in both normal and sport modes. In sport mode, the auto transmission is programmed to hold low gears longer and to shift down more readily, to assist acceleration.  CommandShift® allows manual sequential gear shifts. This transmission is coupled to a full-time four-wheel drive system features a Haldex rear axle differential.

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