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Land Rover InControl™ Remote
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InControl Remote
  InControl SOS

InControl Assistance

Remote Smartphone App

The Smartphone App lets you prepare for a trip by checking fuel levels and range remotely. You can find your vehicle in a crowded car park and check if you have left doors or windows open. You can also download your journeys to assist in claiming business mileage expenses.


SOS Emergency Call

Automatically calls the emergency services if the vehicle's airbags deploy. The vehicle transmits your location and key vehicle information to a call centre who will attempt to contact you. If you don't answer, they will inform the emergency services helping to reduce response times. You can also press the SOS Emergency Call button if you witness an accident or a passenger requires assistance.


Optimised Land Rover Assistance

In the unlikely event of a breakdown, the Optimised Land Rover Assistance will use GPS and vehicle health information to minimise delay.

Upgrades available with Land Rover InControl™ Remote:

InControl Secure   Land Rover InControl™ Secure Uses tracking technology to alert you of an attempted theft and signals your vehicle’s location to the
Land Rover tracking centre to aid swift recovery.
InControl WiFi   Land Rover InControl™ Wi-Fi Provides instant in-car access to a 3G hotspot enabling up to eight devices to be used simultaneously; allowing passengers to work or be entertained throughout the journey.

Please note: Mobile connectivity cannot guarantee 100% coverage in all locations.

Land Rover InControl™ Wi-Fi  is not available on the 2014 Range Rover Evoque.

To see if Land Rover InControl™ is available in your country, please visit:

Jaguar Land Rover Limited: Registered Office: Abbey Road, Whitley, Coventry CV3 4LF Registered in England No: 1672070