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Land Rover Onelife is the multi-award-winning customer
magazine, enjoyed by 450,000 Land Rover owners
around the world. Each issue is distributed in 36 countries, including the UK, USA, China, Russia and Germany.

Issue 27: Land Rover Onelife

In the latest issue of Onelife – the magazine created exclusively for Land Rover owners around the globe – we discover the local innovators bringing luxury lifestyles to China, explore the personal inspirations of the world's leading engineers, meet the entrepreneurs who are transforming Kiev and ask neuroscientist Dr Daniel Levitin why music has such a powerful effect on us.
And as an extra treat – we reveal what the sound of a
5.0L V8 Range Rover Sport engine looks like. 

Onelife is also available as iPad and Android apps, which include a selection of videos to accompany the features.
Here's a taster of what you'll find in this issue:



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Ultimate Tuning

Why is our startle reflex so important in the appreciation of music? Is there such a thing as "perfect" music? Neuroscientist and musician Dr Daniel J Levitin has spent a lifetime exploring the effects of melody on the human brain. In an exclusive Onelife article, Dr Levitin considers how music moves us.


Made in China

Discerning customers in China are discovering an appreciation for local wines, their very first local luxury resorts and an appetite for the world's most exclusive field sport. Onelife meets Grant Horsfield, Emma Gao and Liu Shilai, three pioneers who are offering Chinese locals a whole new way of life.


The Art of Invention

Five internationally acclaimed engineers shaire the inspiration behind their life's work and what drives their visions for the future.



Full Tank, Empty Quarter

The Range Rover Sport is given its ultimate challenge – crossing the Arabian Empty Quarter, one of the most hostile terrains on Earth.


Journey Across the Top of the World

Three Range Rover Hybrids head east, via the Himalayas, in a 16,800km extended Silk Route expedition.



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