Past Expeditions


Past Expeditions 2013-2014

Exclusive adventure holidays far from established tourist trails, with awe-inspiring locations and thrilling off-road driving. Combining the best of the great outdoors with the unique opportunity to test off-road driving skills. Each of Land Rover's past expeditions promised a truly unforgettable holiday experience.


During this six-day adventure, participants enjoyed Russia at her most wild, with adrenalin-filled ice driving in the surroundings of the deepest lake in the world, Baikal. Whilst the adventurous slept in a purpose built ice hotel, others opted for the warmer Mongolian style yurts or tourist lodges and unwound with a relaxing Russian sauna.


Participants explored Iceland's charming countryside in specially-equipped Land Rover Defenders, beginning in Reykjavik with its nearby Blue Lagoon, and continuing along the south-west coast in search of dramatic encounters with waterfalls, bubbling lakes, caves, and geysers. Fine cuisine, comfortable hotels and friendly guides and instructors added to this unique six-day experience.


A three-day programme designed for those looking for a unique and thrilling driving experience in some of the most beautiful winter landscapes. Combining the adrenalin of off-road driving with the unique warmth and culture of the Finnish people, Land Rover's specialist driving team guided participants through some of the most challenging driving experiences. With time allowed to soak in the charm, atmosphere and history of the region, this Land Rover Nordic Experience created memories of a lifetime.

SPAIN 2013

Marble quarries, mixed forests, canyons and lagoons are just some of the wonders guests experienced in their own personal Land Rover. Journeying across parts of Spain that only a certain few know, staying in superb accommodation en route and enjoying wonderful local cuisine such as authentic rustic tapas. Seeing Spain as never before.



This eight-day adventure took participants into the heart of the country to experience breathtaking scenery, and through unpopulated regions from behind the wheel of a Land Rover Discovery. With selected off-road routes reserved exclusively for Namibia Experience guests, participants discovered Namibia in luxury as no-one else can. Driving across dried-up riverbeds, following historical African trails and taking on challenging bush hill climbs, coming face to face with African adventure.

MOAB 2013

Participants were greeted by Land Rover driving instructors at the Grand Junction airport in Colorado for a five-day adventure in Moab. Guests journeyed along the banks of the Colorado River in an all-new Range Rover, all-new Range Rover Sport or rugged LR4, en route to the Sorrel River Ranch for a welcome reception and dinner. The following days brought adventurers to daunting rock formations at Poison Spider Mesa and, the near-40o slopes of Entrada sandstone at the ultimate slick rock trail, Hell's Revenge.


Participants enjoyed seven days in the heart of arid, south-west Africa, traversing sand dunes around Swakopmund in a Land Rover Discovery and taking in spectacular scenery in Sossusvlei. Guests also visited the Neuras Vineyard, an unexpected find in the centre of the Namib Desert. Evenings were spent relaxing in luxurious accommodation overlooking the red dunes of Sossusvlei, the Atlantic Ocean and the arid beauty of Damaraland.


Beginning at Lumiere, guests enjoyed a welcome reception and dinner at an elevation of 9,000 feet. Off-road driving routes included the Imogene trail toward Ouray, continuing through mining ghost towns before departing on the 'Million Dollar Highway'. The legendary Black Bear Pass then ushered guests to Telluride Ski Mountain where they dined above the treeline.


Travelling in Land Rover Defenders, participants explored the unique geology and history of the island’s south and west regions, including its wildlife, waterfalls, bubbling lakes, caves and geysers. The nine-day programme included one night camping in this spectacular geological wonderland. In addition, guests experienced the finest cuisine and delicacies, whilst staying in some of the country’s most charming rustic lodges.


During a 12-day programme, participants travelled from Windhoek to Maun tackling challenging sand dunes and remote routes off the beaten track.


Iceland is a land of contrasts. One moment you’re looking at glacial massifs, the next, volcanic lakes. And how better to see it all than behind the wheel of a Land Rover? On this six-day programme, participants headed off-road and experienced the many faces of Mother Nature at her best.


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