Defender LXV
Limited Edition

No matter how many knocks or bashes the vehicles get, the Defender’s reputation is unblemished. It was and still is, a classic.

Built to be tough and hard working, the versatile Land Rover is instantly recognised by its rugged looks and respected for its off-road capability. It’s those same attributes that make this iconic vehicle as sought after today as when it was first built in 1948. So, to celebrate six and a half decades of enduring success, we’ve launched a Limited Edition, the LXV – 65 in Roman numerals. It’s everything you’d expect. And some.

A choice of classic Black or White body colours feature a traditional contrast roof in Corris Grey, and 16-inch Sawtooth wheels in Anthracite make it unmistakably Defender.


rear_110SW_White_union_jack-470x235 front-three-qr-90HT_Black-470x235

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