Takeback and Recycle


The De-Pollution Process

When a vehicle is presented to a Land Rover-approved treatment centre it will be professionally de-polluted. This involves:

- The draining of all fluids

- The removal of the battery and tyres

- The neutralisation or removal of the airbag systems

Any saleable parts will be removed and sold. Further treatment of the vehicle will take place at a shredding facility where the vehicle is crushed and separation techniques used to recover metallics for recycling into new ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
The remaining material, known as shredder residue, can be further treated to retrieve any lost metallic and non-metallic material. The remaining residue can be further sorted and used in a number of applications. For example, glass that is recovered can be used as an aggregate for road building and road surfaces.
Once these processes have been completed, only then will the remaining residue be sent to landfill.

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