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Accident assistant

What to do in the event of an accident
By using our Accident Services Programme, you'll have access to a nationwide network of approved Centres of Excellence, where the body of your Land Rover will be restored to the very highest standard.

Take the inconvenience out of an accident
If you have an accident, just one phone call is enough to manage the entire process. A Personal Incident Manager will take the details, deal with your insurers and arrange for your vehicle to be collected.

We'll organise onward transportation to your destination, co-ordinate a replacement car, arrange estimates and obtain repair authorisation, keeping you informed throughout.

Call Land Rover assistance on 0800 521 786.

Immobilised vehicle?
Whenever practical, Land Rover Assistance will send a Land Rover trained technician, whether you are at home or on the road. If the problem cannot be resolved at the roadside, we will take your vehicle to the nearest Land Rover dealer/Authorised Repairer or to the one nearest to your home address in the UK.

European cover

European Cover

Roadside assistance and recovery
If your vehicle is immobilised in Europe and the problem can't be resolved at the roadside, we'll organise and pay for your vehicle to be taken to the nearest Land Rover dealer or Authorised Repairer.

Vehicle repatriation
If your vehicle can't be repaired in Europe, or the repairs will not be completed before your intended return date, we'll arrange and pay for the repatriation of your vehicle to the Land Rover dealer or Authorised Repairer nearest to your UK home address. The amount payable for repatriation will not exceed the market value of your vehicle.

If your vehicle has to be stored whilst awaiting recovery or repatriation, we will pay storage costs up to £100.

Onward travel/hotel accommodation
If your immobilised vehicle has been taken to a Land Rover dealer/Authorised Repairer and it can't be repaired within four hours, we'll organise and pay for the costs of appropriate onward transport to your destination. If you wish to wait for the completion of repairs, we'll pay hotel costs for a maximum of four days.

Car hire
If your vehicle is being repaired following recovery by Land Rover Assistance, we will try to organise and pay for a replacement vehicle within Europe for a maximum period of two weeks. You will need to show a valid driving licence and you'll be required to pay a deposit for petrol and any additional days´ hire.

Vehicle redelivery
When your vehicle has been recovered by Land Rover Assistance to a Land Rover dealer/Authorised Repairer located more than 50 miles from your home address, we will arrange for the repaired vehicle to be returned to your home address in the UK.

Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

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