Tourist, Diplomatic and Military Personnel

Land Rover

Making Your Route Overseas Easier

Welcome to the Tourist, Diplomatic and Military Sales division of Land Rover.  Land Rover´s dedicated tax free and personal export sales team are here to ensure that the enquiry, purchase and delivery of your Land Rover takes place as smoothly as possible.

Who may qualify to purchase tax-free?

- HM Forces personnel embarking on an overseas posting or currently serving overseas
- UK diplomats embarking on an overseas posting or currently serving overseas
- Visiting foreign diplomats and foreign military personnel based in the UK
- Embassies and International Organisations - official vehicles
- Private individuals wishing to export a new Land Rover from the UK
- Expatriate citizens returning to their home country having spent a period of time living in the UK

The eligibility and supply of vehicles tax free in the UK and for export from the UK is governed by HM Revenue and Customs.

Customers are responsible for ensuring that the import regulations of any country to which the vehicle is later exported are complied with.  This includes responsibilities in terms of import license and to pay any port dues, landing charges, import duties or local taxes arising at the port of discharge.  Land Rover recommend that customers contact the relevant authorities or Embassy of their destination country to understand and determine these prior to placing an order.

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