Takeback and Recycle

...Then We Recycle

As part of our environmental commitment, we have developed a complete vehicle-recycling programme, encompassing design-for-recycling guidelines, increased use of recycled material, and reducing hazardous materials.

The End of Life Vehicle Regulations require that all car manufacturers and importers of new cars in the European Union meet recycling and recovery targets of 85% by weight in 2006 and 95% by weight in 2015.

Environmental responsibility is a major part of the business philosophy of Land Rover, as it is one of our core brand values. The end of the life of the car is also considered; the treatment of old vehicles and the recycling of the materials from them. Re-use and re-utilisation of materials have priority before disposal and, where economically possible re-integrated into the product. Land Rovers are now designed to be at least 85% recyclable.

In current Land Rover models, 63 different parts are made from recycled plastic with a total weight of 27 kilograms. In 2004 this resulted in 660 tonnes of waste being diverted from landfill. More importantly, the material used in Land Rover vehicles can be fed back into the material cycle again and be re-used for further manufacture of new automotive components or for non-automotive purposes.

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