Land Rover InControl™

How to Videos

Land Rover InControl™ uses in-vehicle mobile technology to safely and securely connect your world, your Land Rover and your services.

How to set up an InControl account

If setting up InControl has not already been carried out by your local dealer, this video provides an overview of how to register, connect and activate your InControl features.

How to make an Optimised Land Rover Assistance Call

In the unlikely event of your vehicle breaking down, pressing the Land Rover InControl™ Optimised Land Rover Assistance button will use satellite positioning and vehicle health information to guide a recovery service to your location, minimising delay.

How to make an SOS Emergency Call

If you are involved in an accident in which the vehicle's airbags deploy or you press the Land Rover InControl™
SOS Emergency Call button in an emergency situation, you will be put in touch with professional help who will send the relevant assistance to your location.

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