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From purchase plans to contract hire, our range of simple, affordable and convenient vehicle funding packages gives you more control over your finances. Every package can be tailored to your business's unique needs.

Finance options
We want to help you make the right decisions for your organisation, and fully appreciate how many commercial factors need to be considered. We won’t just offer you the best possible purchase prices and financial packages on your vehicles, we’ll also help you consider realistic running costs such as servicing, maintenance, repairs and fuel consumption by model and show you the latest Whole Life Cost figures.

Tax calculations

The choice your drivers make today could decide what they drive for the next three years. Legislative, company car tax and environmental issues pose new questions that need answers even before they consult your company car shortlist.

To help drivers make the right decisions, we’ve put together a Company Car Tax Calculator. Click below to see a guide to how much tax you would pay on the Land Rover of your choice.

Options for drivers funding their own vehicle

If any of your drivers choose to fund their own company car, there are a number of finance packages available. Land Rover Freedom offers a Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) scheme that lets you pay for your car through monthly payments.

It may be worth worth considering that your drivers will then take on the responsibility for maintenance and servicing, plus the cost of insurance up to full business use standards – we’ll be happy to help with this.

The most enjoyable part of the decision-making process

Once your drivers have calculated the taxable value on their desired car and assessed the various funding options, we’ll be delighted to arrange a demonstration vehicle.

Another highly enjoyable option is to book a Land Rover Experience where you can put the vehicle through its paces at one of our challenging off-road centres, demonstrating the unique capabilities of the Land Rover brand. Ask your Fleet and Business contact for more details.

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