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LANTRA Professional User Training

LANTRA Awards 4x4 Professional User Certificate

LANTRA is the National Training Organisation for the land-based and environmental sector. LANTRA works closely with the HSE to ensure that all training reflects up-to-date safe working practices.



Land Rover Experience Courses offer an established curriculum that prepares candidates to pass the assessment and apply their training in their work. Our students earn qualifications that conform to all HSE and PUWER regulations and graduates receive a Skills ID card that can be renewed and updated as they gain additional skills and qualifications. They also enjoy the confidence and assurance that they earned their LANTRA qualification with Land Rover.
Land Rover Experience Centres provide LANTRA-certified courses for the safe and proficient use of:

- Off-road driving
- Trailer handling
- ATVs
- Vehicle recovery.
Course content

Land Rover Experience Centres maximise the amount of time spent in the vehicle with experienced tutors, providing in-depth knowledge of driving through a series of exercises on difficult ground. As the terrain becomes more demanding and the course progresses, participants’ understanding of the vehicle’s capabilities and their confidence increases. Practical recovery techniques are also taught using a range of techniques in true-to-life situations.

This course is recommended for drivers who operate on severe terrain in the UK or overseas. It is particularly suitable for emergency services personnel, utilities and operators who may be required to operate off-road.
Land Rover Experience offers bespoke training courses at any location, on any vehicle.
Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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