Special Offers & Financing

Range Rover

Your Lease-End Options

Whatever your needs may be, your Land Rover Retailer can help you choose what´s best for you from the following options:

- Purchase or lease a new Land Rover vehicle;
- Purchase your current Land Rover vehicle for the price stated in the purchase option section of your Lease Agreement plus taxes, governmental fees and related charges;**
- Return your current leased Land Rover vehicle.

** Fees such as safety certification and related repair costs may be required in order to comply with the law upon purchase of the vehicle.

  • Your Vehicle´s Condition
  • For your convenience, a few weeks prior to your lease-end date, an independent and nationally-recognized vehicle inspection company, authorized by Land Rover Financial Services Leasing, will contact you to schedule an appointment to inspect your Land Rover for any excess wear and tear. This inspection is standard practice and recommended so that you are aware of potential wear and tear charges before you return your vehicle.

  • Kilometres on Your Vehicle
  • Be sure to check your contract to see if you will be over your kilometre allowance at lease-end.

  • Questions
  • If you have any questions about your lease account, please contact Land Rover Financial Services Leasing, Customer Service Centre at 1-866-795-8079, or FinanciaLinx Corporation/Corporation CrediLinx at its Customer Relationship Centre at 1-800-465-4591.

    So visit your Land Rover Retailer soon and test-drive a new Land Rover.

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