Parts Recall


Parts Recall


This recall includes genuine Land Rover part number TVF 100010 - Rear Propeller Shaft Flexible Coupler sold between April, 2011, and February, 2012 for the following vehicles:

-Discovery 1 - Model Years 1994 to 1999

-Discovery 2 - Model Years 1999 to 2004

-Range Rover Classic - Model Year 1995

If you purchased a part or had one of these parts installed on a vehicle between April, 2011, and February, 2012, you may be affected - please read the Recall Letter below.

Safety Recall P024 – Rear Driveshaft Coupling

Service Part Affected:  Rear Driveshaft Coupling - Service Part Number TVF100010

Dear Land Rover Owner:
This notice is sent to you in accordance with the requirements of the Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Act.  Land Rover has decided that a defect, relating to motor vehicle safety, exists in certain genuine Land Rover service parts:  rear driveshaft coupling; Land Rover part number TVF100010.  Your vehicle is included in this recall action.

What is the concern?
A concern has been identified with certain rear driveshaft couplings - Land Rover part number TVF100010 – which may not have been manufactured to the required engineering specification.  The rear driveshaft coupling is subject to torque reversals during normal driving situations and a rear driveshaft coupling that is not manufactured to the required engineering design may exhibit the onset of joint separation very early in the component’s life, which will lead to increased levels of driveline vibration.  If this increased vibration warning sign is ignored, failure of the rear driveshaft coupling can result.  Should this occur, the driveshaft may detach from the vehicle while in motion, resulting in loss of drive and loss of transmission Park functionality which could result in an increased risk of crash or injury.

What will Land Rover and your Land Rover retailer do?
Land Rover is carrying out a voluntary recall of the vehicles mentioned above.  An authorized Land Rover retailer will inspect, and if necessary replace, the rear driveshaft coupling with a part manufactured to the required specification.  There will be no charge for this repair. 

How long will it take?
The work will be carried out as quickly and efficiently as possible in order to minimize inconvenience to customers and is expected to take approximately one (1) hour (depending on vehicle), although your retailer may need your vehicle for a longer time due to service scheduling requirements.

What should you do?
Please contact your authorized Land Rover retailer at your earliest convenience to schedule an appointment to have Safety Recall P024 performed on your vehicle.

Attention Leasing Agencies:
Federal regulations require that you forward this recall notification to the lessee within TEN (10) days.

Moved or no longer own a Land Rover?
If you are no longer the owner of this vehicle, Land Rover would greatly appreciate the name and address of the new owner, using the Information Change Form enclosed.

What should you do if you have further questions?
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Service Manager at your authorized Land Rover retailer for assistance.  If you have any queries or concerns that your local retailer cannot address, please contact the Land Rover Customer Relationship Center at 800-668-6257, and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you. 
You can also contact Land Rover by e-mail:  Visit the web site and send an email from the 'Contact Us' section.
Should you have the need to contact Land Rover by mail, please use the following address:
Jaguar Land Rover Canada ULC
75 Courtneypark Drive West, Unit 3
Mississauga, ON L5W 0E3

Thank you again for selecting Land Rover; your ownership experience is very important to us.  We recognize this service visit may be an inconvenience to you.  We appreciate your confidence in our product and wish to do everything we can to retain that confidence.  Land Rover, in cooperation with your authorized Land Rover retailer, will strive to minimize any inconvenience to you caused by this Recall program.

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