Servicing and Maintenance



What is the Warranty Period?

The Vehicle Warranty starts on the day the vehicle is delivered to the first owner or the first date of registration - whichever occurs first. The warranty period on all new Land Rovers is three years / 100,000 kilometres.

What is included under the Land Rover warranty?

Should any part of the vehicle require repair or replacement as a result of a manufacturing defect, the part will be repaired or replaced completely free of charge by any authorised Land Rover dealer, regardless of any change of vehicle ownership during the period of cover. Note: Tyres are covered separately by the tyre manufacturer. Your dealer will, however, assist you with any tyre claim. For further details please refer to your Service Portfolio or contact your local Land Rover dealership.

I would like to disconnect an airbag in my vehicle. Can this be done?

As part of Land Rover policy we do not facilitate or recommend the disconnection of air bags where these are part of the initial specification of the vehicle.

I have a technical query - who should I refer this to?

All technical queries should be directed to your local Land Rover dealership and they will be able to assist you.

Where can I purchase accessories for my vehicle?

Contact your local Land Rover Dealer.

Are Land Rover vehicles able to run on ethanol blended petrol?

All Land Rover vehicles imported and sold by Land Rover Australia since 1986 will operate satisfactorily on unleaded petrol containing ethanol blended up to 10% ("E10") provided that the fuel octane recommendations in the Owner´s Handbook are adhered to.To avoid any operational issues, the vehicles should also be maintained in accordance with Land Rover servicing procedures using genuine Land Rover replacement parts.

In general, some pre-1986 cars will operate on E10 ULP, however Land Rover recommends that they do not use ethanol blended petrol due to the aging of the vehicle fuel systems. It is important, however, that Land Rover vehicles with carburettors do not use ethanol blended petrol.

How do I let Land Rover know about a change in my personal details?

If your personal details change, please contact the Land Rover Customer Care on 1800 625 642.

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