Instructional Videos


Discovery 4 Instructional Videos

Discovery 4 is packed with premium technology features. They make your life in the vehicle more comfortable, more convenient and safer. These videos give a quick overview of how to get the most out of your driving experience.

Videos - Information, Communications & Entertainment



Audio System Settings
  Basic Phone Usage


This tutorial explains how to adjust key controls, plus the activation of the multi-channel surround sound.


  This tutorial explains how to use your mobile phone in the vehicle, once the device has been paired.
  This tutorial explains how to pair your mobile phone with the vehicle for Bluetooth use.


Audio Connectivity 
  Keyless Entry
  Navigation System - Entering a Destination


This tutorial explains the portable audio interface. It shows you how   to use the Touch-screen to play audio from iPod and iPhone devices or from USB memory sticks or auxiliary input, plus audio streaming via Bluetooth.

  This tutorial covers Keyless Entry, the emergency key blade, and changing the Smart Key Battery.

  This tutorial explains how to plan and follow a route to your destination, including how to enter a destination.


Navigation - Memory Points
  Navigation - Points of Interest
  Navigation - Voice Guidance


This tutorial covers Memory Points and storing a location. Memory Points allows you to manage your destinations.

  This tutorial covers the use of Points of Interest (POI). These refer to public establishments such as hospitals, service stations, restaurants and shops.

  This tutorial covers the Voice Guidance settings and refers to the audible directions given by the route guidance software.


Say What You See (SWYS) Voice Control
  The Touch Screen
  Touch Screen Shortcuts


SWYS (Say What You See) is a state of the art voice control function, which can be used to control a wide range of infotainment and display functions.

  As the hub for controls and infotainment, the Touch-screen offers the latest technology with crystal clear graphics.

  Touch-screen Shortcuts are soft keys on the Touch-screen home menu that can be personalised to link to the system’s features that you use most frequently.









2010 Videos - Interior Features



Front Seat Adjustment



Learn how to properly adjust the power front seats for maximum comfort and save your settings.


2010 Videos - Safety and Security



Keyless Entry
  Push Button Start

  Voice Control


Use the smart key to ensure your vehicle is securely locked yet always accessible to you.
  Learn how to switch on just the ignition or start the engine with a touch of a button.

  Learn how to use the voice control system to operate in-vehicle technologies such as the navigation systems and your mobile phones.

2010 Videos - Information, Communication & Entertainment



Bluetooth Connectivity

  DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting)

  5 Way Switch


Learn how to set up the Bluetooth® connectivity in your Discovery 4 for hands-free communication.

The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Land Rover is under license.

  Find out how you can get a broader choice of content with digital sound quality.

  Learn how to use the new five-way toggle switches, located in the multi-function steering wheel.




Portable Audio

  Rear Seat Entertainment

  Touch Screen Operation


Learn how to operate the portable Audio Interface to connect your iPod, MP3 player or USB mass storage unit to the In-Car Entertainment system.

  Learn more about this system for allowing rear passengers to watch DVDs or TV.

  Control multiple features with the ground-breaking, highly intuitive Touch-screen. Learn how to get the most from this advanced technology.







Learn how to get the most out of your Discovery 4 audio system.

  Learn how to use the comprehensive navigation system for basic directions or for pointing out areas of interest along your route.


2010 Videos - Carrying & Towing



Tow Assist

  Surround Camera


See how this next-generation Tow Assist feature simplifies the process of reversing a trailer.

  Learn how to get the most out of the 5 camera system, i.e. when parking or departing from a tight spot and using the trailer view when reversing.

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