Servicing and Maintenance


Online Service History

All maintenance details on your Land Rover

The efficient and convenient way to access service records
For far too long, owners have been tied to paper books as the only filing system for vehicle service records. Land Rover’s Online Service History has changed all of that. Owners of new models build after 18.02.2013 will now be able to check all service records; anywhere the Internet can be accessed. All Land Rover service history (including all scheduled services, related service items and body inspections) will be stored securely online, accessible by Land Rover Authorised Repairers and owners.
Timely service reminders
Owners have the option of receiving useful reminders about upcoming service checks. They can also register/edit their personal contact details and preferences, within the Online Service History owner website.

Service history up to date
When an owner visits a Land Rover Authorised Repairer for a scheduled service, the authorised repairer will update the Online Service History and record the additional service items that are replaced. This keeps all records complete, current, and contained within one Online environment.


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